CHECKLIST – Move-in and out cleaning

It is always a stressful time when moving in or out of the property. There are lots of things to manage so this transition can be smooth and without any stress. Our intention is to undertake a FINAL INSPECTION to prepare an EXIT CONDITION REPORT based on the ENTRY CONDITION REPORT of your rental property as soon as possible after you hand your keys in at our office.

It is better to WALK through the PROPERTY on the DAY when you are HANDING OVER the KEYS… schedule a meeting for the day with one of the Property Managers. You will need to ensure that the items on the CHECKLIST listed below have been given due attention to make it presentable:


  • Carpet steam cleaning to be carried out by a professional contractor - a receipt will be required Hire machines are not acceptable; Highly recommend MUST be booked for the day before you handover the key;
  • Pest control for fleas is required when a dog or cat has been kept or permitted on the premises;
  • Clean all windows, doors, sliding doors, window tracks, fly screens, and security screens;
  • Vacuum all sliding door tracks and wipe;
  • Sweep and mop all floors, removing marks;
  • Clean light fittings, remove all cobwebs (remove light fittings and wipe out dead bugs);
  • Clean marks off walls and light switches;
  • Wipe down and remove all dust from skirting boards;
  • All curtains and blinds to be taken down and cleaned;
  • Window & window sills to be cleaned inside and out;
  • Clean all ceiling fans (is applicable);
  • Please turn off the main power switch in the electrical meter box;


  • Inside and outside all cupboards and doors
  • Inside, outside, and around the stove, grill, and oven
  • Inside, outside and behind refrigerator and dishwasher
  • Exhaust fans and filter
  • Sink, especially drain holes
  • Rangehood and filter (filter can be removed and cleaned)


  • All floors, mirrors, windows, and window tracks
  • Inside and outside all cupboards
  • Toilet, bath, glass screens, and sink
  • Grouting to be free of all soap, residue, and mildew
  • Clean inside built-in wardrobes and mirrored doors (wipe over scuff marks)
  • Clean all ceiling exhaust fans in bathrooms & toilets

Laundry Area

  • Inside, outside and behind the washing machine, rinse out the filter.
  • Inside, outside and behind the dryer, remove lint.
  • Clean laundry tub (inside the bottom cupboard of the tub)
  • Clean ceiling exhaust fans.

Alfresco or Outdoor pergola or Veranda

  • Sweep and mop, clean railings, and any perplex glass.
  • Remove all cobwebs.

Garage or Sheds

  • Sweep out and remove any oil residue from the concrete.
  • Remove all cobwebs.
  • Empty any bins and remove all rubbish (put the bin out if it is full).
  • Close garage door.

Front and back yards

  • Lawns and gardens to be mowed, gardens weeded and left tidy.
  • No rubbish is to be left on the property.

If furnished

  • Make sure that all items are in original rooms as per inventory and have been cleaned.

ADDRESS UPDATE: Who needs to know about your current address?

When you move to your new home there will be a number of people and organizations you will need to notify.

The following CHECKLIST includes some of the most common; we suggest you use it as a basis for creating your own personalized list to make a smooth TRANSITION.


  • Family, Friends, and Relatives
  • Government Agencies (VicRoads, Taxation Office & Electoral Commission)
  • Employer
  • Medical (doctor, Medicare, insurance)
  • School/university
  • Clubs and associations
  • Finance (accountants, banks, credit cards, and superannuation)
  • Insurance (contents, health, building, motor vehicle, special items)
  • Department stores (accounts, store cards)
  • Utility Connections (Electricity, Water, Gas, and Telephone)
  • News or Travel agency

The Day when you hand over the keys

  • Do a final walk-through with this checklist to ensure your property is in the correct handover state to avoid any tenancy disputes with your rental bond.
  • Your carpets should be professionally cleaned by today;
  • External areas returned to the same condition as the beginning of the lease;
  • Bins emptied or placed out on collection point securely;
  • Organize your keys and remote controls for all locks are ready to be returned;

Date of disconnection:

Make sure Electric and Water connections must be scheduled for disconnection for the next day of vacation date so Estate Agent can ensure all electricity’ equipment are in working order, and you take picture of meter readings;

Mail/Letter Diversion: consider the letter and mail diversion options at the local post office or online to divert for at least 2months so you won’t miss any important communication.