Simple TIPS on how to prepare for an open home inspection

The first impressions always make difference. With property inspections being the first opportunity for buyers to walk through your home and feel the positive vibes to think of buying. During open home inspections, you and your appointed agent enhance this opportunity to increase your chance of a quick and profitable sale... by presenting in the best stage.  

Follow these tips to show your home off at its best:

  • Tidy the exterior - Create a great first visual impression for potential buyers by making sure the house and yard are clean and tidy.
  • Complete small repairs - Chipped tiles, flaking paint, dripping taps, carpet stains should all be fixed before an open home.
  • Clear the mess - Remove any indication of repair or construction work or any sign of pets being inside the house.
  • Clean and declutter - Wash the windows, tidy all cupboards, weed the gardens, mow the lawn, and empty the bins. Remove clutter from all rooms and arrange furniture to make rooms appear spacious.
  • Make it smell fresh - Light perfumed candles or use scented plug-ins to make your home smell pleasant.
  • Bring in light - Make sure there is lots of natural light throughout the house. Pull curtains, raise blinds, and let the sunshine in.
  • Get the temperature right - If it’s cold outside, create a welcoming ambiance with indoor heating or open fires. If it’s hot, open doors and windows to create airflow.
  • Add life - Show that your home is loved and cared for by adding vases of fresh flowers and bowls of fruit.
  • Secure your valuables - Remove valuable items or put them in a safe location that is out of obvious sight and keep cash, identification, and credit cards on your person.
  • Allow full access - Make sure the agent has keys to all additional locked areas that may need to be inspected, such as garden sheds, garage, and granny flat.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and then think… the way which are most important when attending open home inspections when you plan to buy. Present the property at its absolute best during an inspection. With a bit of thought and effort, you can improve the chances that potential buyers will want to make a follow-up visit, like to count in the agent’s buyer pool to create competition and perhaps sign that all-important contract of sale. 

Simply, if YOU WIN, WE WIN.

All the best?

Team at Goldfish