Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Our key element to ensure we serve our clients in their best interests

Goldfish Real Estate is voluntarily committed to managing CSR as an employer, prospective employer and professional service provider to its stakeholders.

Every corporation carries forward its operations based on internal governance, board, expertise and approach. We, Goldfish is a community-oriented company where we see ourselves as an accountable for our practice that looks solution to every deal in such a way that every stakeholder involved getting benefits from the process in terms of great performance for the investment and high degree of ethical, social and environmental comforts. Every representative of Goldfish team is always committed to their Corporate Social Responsibility in addition to professionalism, industry regulations and compliances, and valuable contribution at social, economic and environmental level with trust, expertise and reach. We strongly believe it is an ongoing process and need to be improved on each level by actively participating and engagements with the stakeholders.

Goldfish Real Estate is voluntarily committed to managing CSR as an employer, prospective employer and professional service provider to its stakeholders.


Commitment and Business Relationship Our Commitment and Business Relationship

Business Help Service

At Goldfish all of our team members work and treat as a family. We are committed to ensure and support our team member achieve their personal and professional growth based on their performance.

We embrace cultural diversity and believe this is a key to growth and broaden horizon on the global scale when a team have clear and cohesive focus. We are committed to bring upward individual’s talent and empower leadership to their best highest level by actively fostering an innovative, creative, trustworthy, a supportive and growth embracing workplace culture with continuous professional development based on industry’s training and networking, events and celebrations. Our foremost code of conduct is to treat our stakeholders with respect, integrity and diligence. Our team members are highly professionals and obliged to comply with the industry’s law and regulatory compliances. Our core beliefs towards engaging and serve our clients are heavily reliant on the following values:

  • Our Clients: Paramount to us, we never accept less than the best
  • Integrity & Respect: Our foremost standards of conduct
  • Endeavour for Excellence: We uphold professionalism and altercate according to our client’s expectations.
  • Intellectual and Expertise: Ongoing training, associations with industry’s peak bodies and industry’s network; and, continuous professional development enables us to bring innovative solutions
  • Confidence: Transparent communication in the ongoing engagement and result driven performance uplift confidence in every transaction
  • Collaboration & Upstart: A culture of collaborating an innovative industry’s spectrum and market dynamics always keep us steps ahead in the marketplace.

Our key objectives and approach

As we people in the property business, we strive to be a trusted business partner and by being responsible, during the process" action speak louder than words" which ultimately strengthen our bond and mutual trust.

Partnership underpins our firm and our values. We believe that the successful long-term future of our business can only be achieved by working collaboratively with our stakeholders and in their interests: clients – whether they are building occupiers, developers or investors – employees, suppliers, NGOs, the media, Government and the wider community.

We understand that our business activities impact on the environment, society and economy directly and indirectly; directly in the way we run our own business and indirectly in the property advice we give to clients.

In our business operations, we're committed to :

  • 1. The utmost level of professionalism, integrity, respect and diligence
  • 2. To enhance our client’s confidence and experience towards our services
  • 3. Making a positive impact on the community
  • 4. Exceptional performance with a high degree of ethical, social and environmental approach
  • 5. Our focus on women empowerment
  • 6. To reduce a negative impact on the environment
  • 7. To attract, develop and retain high calibre talent
  • 8. Social & Community Objectives by investing and giving back in terms of support and sponsorship to local needed organisations

Our key objective to voluntarily commit for this CRS is to be an integral part of the community and offer exceptional services with a positive impact.

We voluntarily report our CSR as part of our business operations. Our active engagement within our community where we live and work to participate in social and environmental activities to support or sponsor will reflect our contributions to our stakeholders as a socially responsible citizen.