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This COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging time for landlords and tenants alike, and we are committed to offering competitive edge solutions to our landlords, investors and tenants.

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Our expert property management team can secure reliable, long-term tenants with private inspections without any hassle. We simply offer 100% Peace of Mind as our services come with:

  • No Hidden Charges or surprises
  • 100% Service Guarantee
  • Regular Inspections
  • Periodic Rent Review and Market Updates
  • Reliable and verified Tenants
  • User-Friendly Technology to offer you 24x7 access to all information
  • Simple handover: we handle the "break up" with your current agency
  • Real People, Real Service… Local experts to look after your property
  • 100% Transparent and honest communication

Simply, we establish long term and sustainable relationships with our clients to offer the best and ever-evolving, innovative real estate services transparent and ethical. 

And all the human processes are supported by technology to make things quick and painless.

As one of our clients, Ray says:

"Goldfish Real Estate team brought an innovative and user-friendly solution to us which fully compliant and 24x7 access to full details with a dedicated property manager at a very cost-effective solution where I am saving $1575. Being an Investor every $ count and when above expectation service level we resist to grab the opportunity!!!!!

for investors who want to grow their return by $1,000 - $2,000 back into your investment pool… talk to these guys”

For landlords and investors who already have a property or asset manager, it only takes few minutes to take over and bring the best solutions on your tips with a dedicated Property Manager.

To know and learn more, call us now on 03 9266 0270 or email